Rich Letarte  
Throughout his life, Rich has been a student of baseball history. He first became interested in the sport at the age of seven after buying a statistics-filled yearbook at Braves Field in Boston. He was later able to convince a second grade teacher into instructing him in long division so he could figure batting averages and won-lost percentages. His reading habits centered around sports, baseball in particular. He remembers irritating his parents with sports facts important to him, but meaningless to folks trying to raise a family.
His current focus is on the years before expansion. He has enjoyed the process of gathering and verifying the data needed to publish this, his first book. By day, he is a Certified Public Accountant in Leominster, Massachusetts, and lives in nearby Lunenburg with MaryEllen, his wife of many years. They have three children and three granddaughters.


The author with granddaughters Katie, Quinn, and Celeste